Why We Created be.

Well hey there! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cath and I am the founder of be.

I created be. because I recognised the benefits of adding a collagen supplement to my diet, but wanted something that wasn’t packed with additives and contained pure collagen peptides. That’s where be. comes in - pure collagen powder that actually works and easily fits into a busy lifestyle (I’m a mum of four, trust me, I know). 

We like to keep things honest and upfront here at be. You won’t see any facetune or photoshopped bikini bodies here - that’s not really our jam. Just real people really loving our products and the results they are getting.

We believe you deserve to know what you are putting in your body without needing a Harvard degree so we’ll keep it simple.

Including be. in your daily routine is easy. It can be added to just about anything. From a simple glass of water to your smoothie, morning oats, coffee and just about anything in between. Now in the morning, you just need to worry about where your keys are (try the bottom of your bag).

Our mission is to create quality products with targeted nourishment with clinically proven results. Boost your body’s collagen production, simply, honestly and stress-free.