Here at be. we love talking to kick-ass women and picking their brains with a pen and paper handy for those lightbulb moments we don't want to forget.

For our first be. chat, we're talking to our founder Cath, because who else would we start with?! Not only did she start be., she owns a Pilates studio (Pilates Place - check it out!) and is a mum. She talks all things whirlwind morning routines to her desert island essentials.


What inspired be.?

I saw the benefits of using collagen postpartum (you know, postpartum hair loss is a thing. Trust me, I have been through it quite a few times) and wanted a product that didn't have any nasties and didn't cost an enormous amount of money.


How do you take your be.?

Anyway I can! I have Pure in my coffee of a morning. Vanilla in my overnight oats and pancakes and I like Chocolate at night as a hot choccy.


How are you #betterwithbe?

Less hair loss is my biggest winner. My skin has improved so much since taking be. and my nails are so strong and grow so quickly (no acrylic fake nails for me). I also have a sore knee that used to flare up and whilst I am taking be. the pain is gone!


What keeps you motivated?

My family. I want the absolute best for them. I came from nothing and was a single mother at a young age. My goal was to be independent and provide for my son. That was the motivation behind always wanting more out of life and taking risks to get what I wanted. It hasn't let me down yet!


What is the best business advice you’ve been given?

You can't be everyone's friend in business and it's ok to say no. Your time will be your most precious asset as you can't get it back. Use it wisely and do what makes you feel energised.


What does a morning in your life look like?

Honestly? A shit show! [a note from be.: Cath is a mum of four. Seriously, how does she do it?] Wake up to the beautiful tone of Zani crying wanting her bottle. Feed Zani, have a shower whilst she plays in the bathroom. Then Judd and Coco wake demanding their breakfast. I make all of their brekkies and my coffee (with be.) then onto getting dressed.

Check emails and social media messages and post on social. Next, I check the orders for be. and look at daily tasks I wrote night before and plan out the day. I drop off the kids at daycare, go to the Pilates studio for a workout and any tasks that need to be done there before heading home and opening my laptop to commence my work tasks from my list.

So, what you won't see here is: I woke up and started meditating for 15 mins then I journaled for 30 minutes and wrote my intentions for the day. I absorbed the sunlight as it streamed through the bedroom. No, not that unfortunately!



Let's go through some rapid-fire questions…

3 things you would take to a desert island: my coffee machine with coffee (is there electricity on the island? please say yes), Wine (necesary hydration) and be. (duh).

Describe yourself in three words: Independent. Forgetful. Tired.

On the weekend, we will find you… hanging with the kids at the beach or at home. maybe a catchup with friends. Very low key.

Your go-to drink order is... coffee: flat white with be. or a glass of bubbles if it's after lunch ;)

Your pet peeves are... rudeness, mess and shit coffee.

The show you are binging at the moment is... Queen of the South. It makes me feel like I can run a drug cartel!

What is next on your bucket list? Launch a new product or 2 within the next 6 months, expand Pilates Place and take the fam to Spain on holidays (or leave the kids and Shaun, my husband, and I go)!

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